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Jiklink.com is the next generation super B2B portal, tailor made to deliver a 360 degree global supply chain business solution!!! The mechanism of Jiklink.com is designed, using a state of the art technology that ensures delightful search experience and leaves the buyer with umpteen numbers of options to choose from and also enables him to post a requirement, buy a product, customize or manufacture a product / parts through e-procurement of jiklink.com. 

Jiklink.com primarily into E- market place for the entire supply chain process of raw material and industrial products from manufacturer / supplier to customer. In addition the jiklink.com supports sellers to have customized products against the engineering drawings, exchange clarifications and clear queries through platform and can be part of the transaction through the e-procurement model to support EPC, Oil, Gas, Power, Construction, Manufacturing, operation & maintenance companies, SMEs and consumers. 

The company follows the pick shipment model by doing billing under its own name thereby ensuring the required quality product to the buyer. Creating virtual inventory for raw materials, spare parts of major OEMs, tools and services creates operational efficiency between buyers and sellers by reducing paper work, inventory availability, flow of electronic money and reduced turnaround time. 

For the supplier, it allows supplier to create his e-shop to show case his products in extremely professional way and create a window for the global buyers to see, search, shopping and purchase their needs from the supplier e-shop and it exceeds the expectations of a conventional B2B selling platform as it not only connects the supplier to its buyer but also gives the supplier an access to top level urgent requirements.

 Jiklink.com is also equipped with a technology that can work like an active ingredient in any strategic sales and marketing program of the supplier...It gives tones and tones of options like Hot Products Bulk Buying, Super deals and many more or all to choose from.

 Jiklink.com provides entire support for your supply chain process of your business. Well we have many success stories to corroborate!!! That's not all, we also create an interface for the importers to choose from many foreign vendors & on demand, inspect, negotiate and also provide logistical support at a super competitive price. 

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