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The term E-procurement at jiklink.com is electronic procurement which provide solution for purchase and sale of materials, supplies and services for business- to- business and business- to- customers type models  through internet. in other words it means, requisitioning, ordering and purchase of goods and services over internet.

Jiklink.com provides e-procurement solution for shopping to buyers/ users. Jiklink.com warehouses have all the type of industrial raw material as well as well as products of FMCG categories, not only for standard shelf item but it also facilitates the manufacture against the engineering drawings / specifications through e-procurement systems.

Jiklink.com provides a dedicated business platform for the businesses to source and buy product from the worldwide market place of Jiklink.com, no worries for sourcing, submitting RFQ (request for quotation) for any product to have a quotation, if you want to manufacture a product against your engineering drawings, jiklink.com will facilitate the same. Jiklink.com provide special price advantage to our buyers through the bulk buying model, reduce sourcing time, provide product / service at right price, at right location, provide goods from manufacture / supplier ensure product quality.

E-procurement facilitates right material / product specification of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) through a unique part number, it will ensure that you will be getting right spare part for your equipment / machines. Buyer will have facility to create RFQ (Request for Quotation), purchase order for multiple items as well as buyer can select the right part number of the manufacturer.

E-procurement facilitates bulk buying advantage to the buyer, in case you may be ordering a single piece of spare part, or 10 tones of steel coil or 5 tones of ferric chloride or one mobile phone in a minute or in an hour its  the same item be required by different users. Bulk order thus helps the supplier to optimize production as well as supply. Resulting in reduced  price and shortened delivery time which is an advantage to the buyer. 

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