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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The term OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) at jiklink.com, is manufacturer who makes a part or subsystem or complete equipment / machine which may be a brand under the same company or that may be used as part of another company’s end product.

Jiklink.com facilitates to have an e-shop for OEM equipment / machines and its spare parts to the worldwide market place for sales to the targeted industries. By having spare parts at the market place merchant / seller ensure your customer can place an order in case if any parts required to replace. And it will be helpful to your customer to identify right spare parts and prevent long down time the end you are assuring after sales service worldwide.

 The most important thing your e-shop should have the right data of your equipment as well as spare parts like equipment serial numbers, tag / plate numbers, model, detailed description, application, maintenance directions etc…. To maintain spare parts, its right part number, equipment serial number, tag / plate number, spare parts description, application …..

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