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Quality Management System

Jiklink.com quality management and assurance system committed to provide quality product to our buyer, in case a buyer need to inspect any process of the manufacturing as agreed his purchase order. Jiklink.com quality management systems provide facility to define inspection process as well as third party inspection agency service upon the request of the buyer.

Jiklink.com facilitates to create ITP (Inspection Test Program) against the purchase order between parties to carry-out inspection and release of the material as per the terms and condition of the purchase order between buyer and seller. ITP will define the process of inspection stages. Based on ITP, buyer can appoint a third party inspection agency or his own inspector to ensure his ordered material’s each and every processes quality of manufacturing.  

Either ITP can create and submit by the merchant or user / buyer can review and approve or user / buyer can generate and obtain merchant concurrence and buyer can approve. To carry out ITP, system facilitates to issue IRC (Inspection release certificate) to confirm the batch inspected materials status either to accept or reject against the ITP. 

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