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Merchant / Seller

The term merchant / seller in jiklink.com is a person or institution or sole proprietorship or partnership firm or company whom they have product or service to sell the worldwide market. Jiklink.com facilitates an e-shop for all the merchants where you can create showroom / warehouse for your business and could do business to the worldwide market place.

Each merchant at Jiklink.com provides an independent e-shop where detailed profile about your business can upload at your window and unlimited materials with pictures and its detailed description, part number, serial number application etc.. can upload. You have facility to update your stock, prices, offers, discounts, you will receive RFQ (Request For Quotation) directly to your account, you can submit your quotation, you will receive purchase orders, you have a facility to receive queries from customer, the same way in case if you have any clarification to your buyer, you can raise query against your purchase order.

You have facility to receive bulk purchase requirement for your products where you can optimize your production. Your e-shop will have facility to cover the entire worldwide market, and you can assure your presence each every buyers desk anywhere the world.  

In case if you’re an OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) of equipment supplier / manufacturer, you can provide your unique part number of the spares of your equipment at your material master of jiklink.com, that will help the user / buyer to place order for right spare parts to you directly and will assure your best service to your customer. If you have any brand, your brand can sell directly from you to your buyer. 

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